David Mynne
The Canterbury Tales

June 24, 2021

Adult £10.00
Concs £8.50
Child £5.00
Family £26.00
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Welcome to ‘The Canterbury’, an Olde English Inn:

Infamous around these parts for villainy and sin.

The floor is fresh with sawdust for soaking up the spit.

And the air is full of stories, told with wisdom, guile and wit.

Some of them romantic, some are bawdy, others scary

And there are tales about the devil that should make you oh so wary.

Some are beautifully poetic and some a little coarser;

A medieval medley from the pen of Geoffrey Chaucer!

From the company that brought you 'A Christmas Carol', 'Great Expectations', 'Dracula' and 'The Odyssey' comes a one-man performance of 'The Canterbury Tales'. 

Revered as one of the most important works in English literature, 'The Canterbury Tales' paints an ironic and critical portrait of English society in the middle-ages. 

All of life is here in these few bawdy, funny, serious and sometimes shocking, short stories. Experience a journey down the foul and fetid footpaths of fourteenth-century England, told with the usual irreverence, wit and silliness! 

Expect archaic naughtiness and nonsense! Possibly tights and a codpiece! Definitely medieval swearing! Let's party like it's 1387!

This is Chaucer... but not as you think you know it!

For adults and older children (12+)

Date: June 24, 2021

Start time: 19:30

There is the opportunity to order home-made vegetable pre-show curry, served with naan bread and yoghurt or jacket potato with butter and grated cheese when you book your show tickets. Our home-made vegetable curry is both dairy and gluten free.

In addition, there is a licensed bar plus a full range of both hot and soft drinks and snacks.

Please note: hot food may not be available at all matinee performances.

Adult = 18 and over

Concs = 60 and over

Child = 16 and under

Family = 2 adults & 2 children

OTD = On The Door

Seating is provided.

Dogs on a lead and under your control are welcome in the venue. Please bring a poo bag and ask at the box office if an event contains any sudden or loud sound effects.