ToLife Productions: ‘Solstice – Tales of Midsummer’

This is a beautiful original story of the magic and mystery of the Summer Solstice!

Think fairies, sorcery, magic, ancient kings and woodland nymphs

‘Are all our wishes ones that we want to be granted?’

It’s the Summer Solstice and spirits in the village are high as the residents prepare for the celebrations that evening, but there is one person finding celebrating difficult. Rosina’s chronically sick brother has shown no sign of improving despite all possible treatment from the village doctor.

Desperate to save her only remaining family member, she desperately investigates alternative ways to help him. In her search for a cure, she comes across some information on a magical ritual that claims to grant any wish when performed on the Summer Solstice.

Knowing that the elders of the village will never permit her to take on the dangerous tasks the ritual asks of her, she confides in two friends to try and convince them in joining her in her quest.

Though concerned about the potential danger involved, and sceptical that the magic spell Rosina tells them about even exists, the two friends reluctantly agree to join Rosina on her seemingly hopeless quest, knowing that she will never forgive herself if she didn’t at least try everything possible to help her sick brother.

Cover stories made up and told to their families and friends, and armed with materials ready to make their wishes, the three friends head off into the forest.

Who are the mystical creatures Rosina has heard about, and do they even exist?
Will she and her friends be in danger?
Who are the mythical woodland kings the village elders speak of?
Are all our wishes ones that we want to be granted?

Penlee Open Air Theatre is the perfect backdrop to this magical tale.

Suitable for all the family, there will also be a chance to meet the characters after the show, and little ones will receive a special gift!

When you book tickets you can also order pre-show delicious hot food.

Veggie curry (gluten and dairy free) with Naan and yoghurt £5.50, Jacket potato with veggie curry £6.50 and jacket potato with grated cheese and butter £5.50. Follow the link when you book tickets.

Book online or call the box office on 01726 879500