‘The Strongman’ – Bash Street Theatre

Ladies & Gentlemen, let us take you back in time to the golden age of the silver screen, when heroes were heroes, villains were villains and true love always prevailed.

There’s excitement, there’s danger and a real, live piano player.

So come along and cheer the heroes, boo the villains and enjoy some old fashioned musical entertainment.

This silent movie, circus-theatre show has fun for all the family with acrobatics, silent comedy, live music and a little bit of magic!

Our story involves an old-style travelling circus – the Smallest show on Earth – that has lost its only act!

The crooked Boss tells the young circus girl that she will be forced to quit is she doesn’t find a new strong man.

So when a down-at-heel traveller arrives looking for a job, things are bound to go wrong!

When you book tickets you can also order pre-show delicious hot food.

Veggie curry (gluten and dairy free) with Naan and yoghurt £5.50, Jacket potato with veggie curry £6.50 and jacket potato with grated cheese and butter £5.50. Follow the link when you book tickets.

Book online or call the box office on 01726 879500