Oddsocks Theatre – Macbeth

“A musical brew of laughter and witchcraft!”

Shakespeare’s dramatic story of ambition turned bad is brought vividly to life in Oddsocks’ hilarious new musical adaptation. Set in an orderly and steampunk-style world of value and decency, the ruling monarch Duncan holds sway with a caring, iron fist. His chief warlords Macbeth and Banquo return triumphantly from the battle field – The Boys are Back in Town and on the way discover supernatural assistance in the trio of the three weird sisters and soon they are on course for promotions. Awaiting his return is Macbeth’s ambitious Killer Queen wife. Although Macbeth needs convincing that they will one day be Royals she releases the devil within him and soon there’s blood on his hands. One murder leads to another and another until pretty soon Macbeth’s on a killing spree: Don’t stop me now. But You Ain’t Seen NothinYet because revenge is on it’s way. Macbeth realizes there’s a Ghost in my House and Lady Macbeth is slipping into a Mad World of her own making and maybe in need of a Frontier Psychiatrist. Macbeth begins to lose control and his Live and Let Die has him Free Falling. With the audience’s help though, good soldier Macduff takes Macbeth to task and in a final explosive battle ensures that Scotland is All Right Now. 

Early booking advised for this show, last season it was a sell-out success!

When you book tickets you can also order pre-show delicious hot food.

Veggie curry (gluten and dairy free) with Naan and yoghurt £5.50, Jacket potato with veggie curry £6.50 and jacket potato with grated cheese and butter £5.50. Follow the link when you book tickets.

Book online or call the box office on 01726 879500