Lucinda Hawksley – ‘Elizabeth Revealed’

In 2015, Queen Elizabeth II became the longest-reigning monarch in British history.
Her reign has been an extraordinary era, shaped by inventions and social changes that would have been unthinkable in the 1950s.

Come and discover a new side to the first female member of the Royal Family to serve in the armed forces and the first British monarch to be filmed in 3D.

The Queen has elevated British fashion designers to the global stage, has helped charities raise over £1.4 billion and has been embraced by popular culture, starring with James Bond, inspiring Carrie Fisher’s costume in her final Star Wars appearance and becoming the first British monarch to Tweet.

However, it’s not all about Hollywood stars, high fashion and fictional super spies: within the private walls of Buckingham Palace, the Queen was, rather ignobly, nicknamed “Gary” by her grandson.

Join author and historian Lucinda Hawksley as she discusses her new book Elizabeth Revealed. 

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