Imago Theatre – Beckett Double Bill : FOOTFALLS & ENDGAME

FOOTFALLS deals with a specific situation, an isolated daughter called May caring for a dying mother. May, who is in her forties, is pacing up and down in her dishevelled night clothes. She addresses the voice of her dying mother who is in her nineties. The daughter’s obsessive pacing is an attempt to confirm her existence through the sounds of her footfalls and the dragging of her tattered night attire.The play was written in 1976 for the actress Billie Whitelaw and was first staged at the Royal Court Theatre directed by Samuel Beckett.

ENDGAME has a minimalist interior, four people live out their time : Hamm, his parents Nagg and Nell, and his servant Clov. All the characters, with the exception of Nell who is beyond caring, are waiting for something. Outside the room lies a world of death, while inside the blind Hamm sits in his wheelchair and his lame servant Clov scurries about carrying out his orders. Nagg and Nell are legless and squat in dustbins. There is little love lost between them. The atmosphere between all four of them is charged and can explode into angry rage at the slightest provocation. There is little tenderness in this strange decaying world and the balance between comedy and tragedy is a delicate one. A classic play from the ‘Theatre of the Absurd’.

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