Hanterhir in Concert

Hanterhir have been ploughing their own way through music since 2008 with a truly unique blend of folk, rock and psychedelia that evokes the sound of modern day Cornwall and the issues it faces. Describing itself as a traditiona l Cornish band with songs in both Cornish and English languages, and drawing inspiration from the landscape that surrounded the band as they grew up, the listener cannot help but question the traditional tag. “We’re totally traditional,” singer Ben Harris explains “we’re a Cornish band and the sound of Hanterhir is the sound of our lives and the lives around us. The Cornish people have a well trodden history of taking influences and ideas from outside of the country and making them theirs, whether it’s the engine houses that pepper the Cornish landscape, English beat music in the 1960s or even the Irish fiddle, and we’re doing nothing different.”

Book online or call the box office on 01726 879500