Bard Heads – ‘Finding The Will’

Double- Bill inspired by Shakespeare

‘The Third Witch From The Left’
‘Call Me Oz’

Inspired by Shakespeare’s most famous plays and with a nod to Alan Bennett’s Talking HeadsBard Heads imagines what might have happened next in ‘Macbeth’ and ‘Hamlet’.

The Third Witch From The Left
What’s done cannot be undone – or can it?

Meg the witch is haunted by a night she can never forget.

Now a successful cookery writer and astrologer, she undertakes a time-travelling journey to find answers for what happened on that blasted Scottish heath.

Call Me Oz
Sweet Prince?

Confirmed bachelor Osric lampoons Hamlet.

In his youth, Osric, a stylish and sensitive courtier at Elsinore Castle, witnessed Prince Hamlet and several other members of the Danish Royal family meet their untimely end.

He’s not spoken about it for over 45 years, but after a devastating session with his therapist, he is compelled to reveal all.

Please note it is not suitable for children Under 12. 

Production in association with the Everyman Theatre, Chletenham

“If these pieces don’t become BBC Radio 4 afternoon plays there is something wrong with the world.” The Gloucester Citizen, June 2014

“It put the fun aspect back into traditional Shakespeare” The Theatre By The Lake, Keswick, July 2013

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