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Friday 7th @ 7:30 pm Feast Night in the Park - Woodman’s Wild Ales
Come and join Stuart Woodman of Cornwall’s award-winning microbrewery Woodman's Wild Ale for an al-fresco feast night with food, beer, wild cocktails and live music in the beautiful setting of Penlee Park.
Saturday 8th @ 7:30 pm An Audience with Ann Widdecombe
With characteristic verve and integrity, Ann Widdecombe recalls her life and highlights the people and events that most influenced her along the way.
Friday 21st @ 7:30 pm Ezmay Grace - Live in Concert
Ezmay Grace's style ranges from etherial folk to sultry blues with some classic country and contemporary acoustic in between.
Friday 28th @ 7:30 pm Lucinda Hawksley - 'Elizabeth Revealed'
Come and discover a new side to the first female member of the Royal Family to serve in the armed forces and the first British monarch to be filmed in 3D.


Friday 5th @ 7:30 pm The Fisherman's Friends
The Fisherman’s Friends have been widely credited with starting the revival of interest in shanty-style choral singing but a cornerstone of their success has been their constantly evolving and expanding repertoire.
Saturday 6th @ 7:30 pm Murder by Appointment - Dark & Deadly Secrets
An unsavoury guest brings far reaching threats that could ruin lives. Could the threat of ruin be so great it leads to murder?
Wednesday 17th @ 7:30 pm Sarah McQuaid - In Concert
Recently honoured with a Lifetime Achievement Award by the Ards International Guitar Festival in Northern Ireland, Sarah’s also drawn critical praise for her voice (which has been variously likened to malt whiskey and melted chocolate) and her engaging rapport with audiences.
Sunday 21st @ 2:00 pm Curious Creatures - Squashbox Theatre
Expect to meet curious creatures of all shapes and sizes: from performing fleas and gymnastic snails to irritable alligators, over-excited elephants, and a very intelligent orang-utan!
Sunday 28th @ 12:00 pm The Sea Show - Squashbox Theatre
Come and celebrate the sea with tall tales, silly slapstick, fantastic facts, live music and songs - unmissable fun for children and adults of all ages!
Sunday 28th @ 7:30 pm Illyria presents 'Ali Baba & the Forty Thieves!'
Now in their 28th season, last performed in 2003, Ali Baba & the Forty Thieves! is adapted from the One Thousand and One Nights


Thursday 1st @ 7:30 pm Helston Theatre Company : 'Wind In The Willows'
Kenneth Grahame’s wild tale about the thrill-seeking, lovable menace Mr Toad comes to life this summer at Penlee Park Open Air Theatre.
Friday 2nd @ 7:30 pm Helston Theatre Company : 'Wind In The Willows'
Kenneth Grahame’s wild tale about the thrill-seeking, lovable menace Mr Toad comes to life this summer at Penlee Park Open Air Theatre.
Saturday 3rd @ 7:30 pm The Darkside of Pink Floyd
Coupled with an amazing and atmospheric light and video show, be prepared for an unforgettable, emotional 2 1/2 hour rollercoaster ride …
Sunday 4th @ 2:00 pm Myths & Monsters - Squashbox Theatre
Encounter some of the mixed-up monsters of legend, such as the Minotaur, the Harpies, the terrifying Gorgons and the not terrifying-at-all-and-rather-silly Sea Goat!
Thursday 8th @ 6:30 pm Mr Magnolia - Folksy Theatre
Mr Magnolia has many things, such as an old trumpet that goes rooty-toot, some very fat owls learning to hoot, a big purple dinosaur who's a magnificent brute, two sisters who play the flute, and even a swimming pool.
Sunday 11th @ 2:00 pm Diggory Piper - The Worst Pirate Ever
Join Diggory Piper as he takes to the seas in his ship The Sweepstake.
Wednesday 14th @ 7:30 pm Black-Eyed Nancy in Concert
Black-Eyed Nancy are a growing talent on the Cornish music scene, combining edgy, original material with traditional folk elements.
Sunday 18th @ 7:30 pm The Comedy Of Errors - Folksy Theatre
Folky Theatre present Shakespeare's classic tale of mistaken identities.
Tuesday 20th @ 7:30 pm Illyria : Shakespeare's 'The Tempest'
In their 28th open-air touring season, and renowned all over the world for their clarity, quality and ingenuity, Illyria return to their home-turf: Shakespearean comedy.
Thursday 22nd @ 7:30 pm Three Inch Fools Theatre : 'Macbeth'
Five actors, with all manner of musical instruments, present an inventive take on Shakespeare’sinfamous Scottish play, Macbeth.
Sunday 25th @ 2:00 pm Stones & Bones - Squashbox Theatre
There will be thrills and spills galore, but also lots of laughs, plenty of puppets, songs, slapstick, tall tales and crazy characters – all presented in that unique Squashbox style!
Tuesday 27th @ 7:30 pm Illyria : 'Frankenstein' by Mary Shelley
This gripping tale is now a brand-new musical production created by Illyria, the first and only professional theatre company to have toured outdoor productions of Gilbert & Sullivan classics such as The Pirates of Penzance, HMS Pinafore, Iolanthe, Ruddigore and The Mikado.
Saturday 31st @ 7:30 pm The Ritzy Belles
The Ritzy Belles are an all-singing, all-dancing female close harmony trio based in Cornwall- bringing you music from the 1940s, 50s and 60s.


Friday 6th @ 7:30 pm 3 Daft Monkeys
With Celtic and eastern influences, the 3 Daft Monkeys’ dynamic style of world-influenced folk music and infectious dancing rhythms will leave you breathless, enthralled and exhilarated.